2016- Health Canada No Objection Letter (NOL)

ALL APET films produced by Nan Ya Plastics, Wharton TX

2016- APET Line 2 Operational

2013- APET Line 2 Project is Approved by NPC Management. APET Line 1 reached production goal of 1 million pounds of film per month.

2012- Commissioned APET Line 1 and Developed Industry leading print grade films.

2011- Installed APET Line 1 and started test running.

2010- Upgraded ISO 9001 certification to the 2008 standard.

2004- Established the current FDA Drug Master file for Food Grade PVC Film file number 17454 (click above fDA link to download file)

2000- Certified to ISO 9001-1998 standard.

1993- Completed 10th PVC Rigid Film line installation and testing.

1989- Began Expansion Construction for PVC Rigid Film lines 5~10

1984- Installation and testing of PVC Rigid Film Line 1.

1983- Ground breaking for NPC USA Wharton.

1979- Nan Ya Plastic Taiwan Establishes NPCUSA and begins planning to build manufacturing facilities in the USA to better service the USA domestic PVC Rigid Film Market.


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